IFTA Member Benefits

With your annual membership, you are investing in yourself and your business. IFTA is the leading professional network for the advancement of intensive orchard systems.

Multiple Venues for Maximum Return

  • The Annual Conference features many distinguished speakers sharing expertise on a variety of topics, including horticultural economics; rootstocks, varieties, and systems for apples, pears, and cherries; organic tree fruit production; new research; and current and emerging varieties from around the world.
  • Compact Fruit Tree is published three times per year and provides highlights of conference presentations and current articles.
  • www.ifruittree.org serves as the association website and communications portal for events, articles, internships, discussions, and resources for the international tree fruit industry.
  • The Annual Regional Orchard Tour facilitates on-farm learning during the growing season.

IFTA understands that time away from your business to invest in yourself, your knowledge base, and your network is a trade-off you don’t take lightly, and neither do we. From opening session to farewell dinner, it is our privilege and responsibility to ensure IFTA events are worth your time, and worth coming back to, year after year.

A Network with Net Worth
When you choose to learn more about intensive orchard systems or visit one of the world’s fruit tree production areas, make it count. Go with people who understand your business. For over 50 years, leading international growers, nursery staff, horticulturalists, researchers, and variety managers have met in the world’s orchards to WALK, TALK, and INNOVATE. Together, we raise the bar on tree fruit production – sound economics, strong horticultural, sustainable systems. Members like you are the leaders, early adopters, and innovators regarding new technologies and practices for tree fruits.

Research Support
As a grower and industry based organization, your support in name and in funding greatly helps leverage research dollars targeted to research projects benefitting intensive orchard systems. Your voluntary contribution is encouraged and appreciated by leading extension staff and researchers serving you to address topics of high priority to the industry.

IFTA membership is only $175 annually, which includes a subscription to IFTA’s research publication Compact Fruit Tree and access to members-only conferences and events.

IFTA’s membership year is
December 1- November 30.


Member Testimonials

Membership in IFTA pays huge dividends personally and professionally. IFTA’s membership is known for their comraderie and eagerness to share knowledge and information within the IFTA family.

IFTA membership allows you to grow your network of like-minded professionals focused on the fruit tree industry. You’ll form valuable professional contacts, gain knowledge and information from an experienced and active membership, and make new friends along the way.

Here’s some IFTA members comments about their IFTA experience.

"The warm welcome that we receive everywhere we travel, and the huge amount of volunteer effort that goes into making the IFTA events a success, never ceases to amaze me. I cannot think of any other organization that I receive so much from through the generosity of its members. It has been a great honour serving as president of this organization for the past two years. As I look back at what I have received during my association with IDFTA and IFTA, I realize that I owe the people who started and nourished this organization far more than I could hope to repay."

-Larry Lutz, IFTA Past President

"IFTA events {are} wonderful occasions to learn and share our knowledge"

-Lindsay Morrison

"IFTA is a great group and I hope to attend many more conferences in my life"

-James Zingler