Rod Farrow

Rod Farrow was born and raised a city boy in Ipswich, England. Luckily his first accepted job application as a 13 year old was on a local apple farm 4 miles outside Ipswich where he learned to love working outdoors with plants. After graduating high school and completing a one year exchange living and working on a fruit farm in France, Rod decided that the “school of hard knocks” was for him and he took off for 3 more years working around the world on fruit farms in New York, New Zealand and Japan. In 1986 he moved permanently to NY with his wife Karyn (New Zealand) and daughter Rebekah (England) to start a new life with Lamont Fruit Farm. Sebastian (USA) came along in 1990 to give him a very global family. Hard work, luck and perseverance (plus an understanding boss, George Lamont) allowed him to purchase the operating company and 500 acres of orchards from 1993 to 2012. Rod now enjoys the support of two new partners, Jose (Mexico) and Jason (USA) in the business as the cycle renews itself. Rod has started and is involved in the management and ownership of 8 different businesses and volunteers in a number of roles. One of the most enjoyable and rewarding is being on your IFTA Board with the global friendships and learning that go hand in hand with the Association.


  • Lamont Fruit Farms
    12703 Stillwater Rd Waterport, NY 14571

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